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CW graphics was founded by Clay Wilson in early 2004. Clay discovered his passion for printing at an early age. In fact, when he was born, his Dad was printing Reel Strips for Slot Machines in their garage (see attached photo). During Summer breaks from school Clay started to help his Father print slot machine glass and continued to learn the trade of custom printing until after he graduated High School, when he began to work full time at the family printing business. In the late 1980’s he started working in sign shops around town doing everything from screen printing and vinyl and digital graphics to sign fabrication and installation. Clay developed a strict eye for detail at a young age and was instilled the techniques of custom hand printing, which is rare to find in this digital era.

Clay’s Dad also got him started in model rocketry in the late 1970’s and he has been an avid rocketeer ever since. In 1999 he began building and launching high power rockets and is now a Level 3 member of Tripoli Rocketry Association. His last recorded flight of his 7′ 2″ tall and 4″ diameter hand built rocket topped out at about 10,500 feet on an M-1297 motor. On board the rocket are 2 electronic altimeters on board as well as 2 digital cameras to que the parachute at certain altitude. He looks forward to launches every summer out at the Black Rock Desert.

Another of Clays passions is music, he drums in 2 different Rock and Roll bands in town. One of them is a classic psychedelic rock band and the other is more focused on original music. His Dad can also be attributed for getting him started playing the drums. Clay got little toy drum sets at the age of 3 and by the 3rd grade he was taking drum lessons to prove to his parents that he was worthy of a new drum set. He got his first drum set when he was about 11 years old and hasn’t stopped playing yet. In Clay’s words, “I really enjoy making music for people, it is an awesome feeling!”

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